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Yoni. A full-power stance.

Find out more about the women in this film here.

The Yoni has been used as an insult to convey disrespect for too long. 

Some women are using the Yoni as a symbol for reclaiming their bodies and becoming mistresses of their own sexuality. These practices have given rise to a Yoni movement. 

While the abuses and misuses of female sexuality are claiming their part of the record every day, the Yoni movement provides a positive direction that takes charge of our narrative. This is the story of the rise of a positive and self- affirming feminine sexuality.

Featuring visual artists, poets, academics, and comedians, in the great tradition of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, this documentary film gives a voice to the owners and operators of Yonis. 

This is a revolutionary feminist work about liberation and power.

Get tickets to the launch of the film at Byron Bay Theatre on 3 December 2023. 

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