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feminist artist & filmmaker

I am also a professional writer and anti-bullying campaigner

I look forward to sharing my projects with you. 

I hold the belief that women who are creative, sexual, and in possession of an independent brain, are leaders. They will take us to the next level of evolution. 

We are not realising our emerging eldership unhindered. Everywhere I look, I see incredible women under attack. When a woman has the temerity to exist in the public eye, unowned and uncensored, she is subject to debasement. Death threats, trolling, partner violence, coercive control, parental alienation and bullying are the air many of us breathe. Despite this, we are surviving and living to tell our stories. 

Like many of my (true) sisters, my story begins with sexual exploitation and rape. 

Between the years of 1982 - 1984, when I was 14 - 16, I was groomed into a world I had no way of understanding. Blonde and 'pretty' I was used as bait for men in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Isolated from my peers, I clung to a family member who had zero regard for my wellbeing. A high-school English teacher, she found ways to breach duty-of-care that would make the Catholic Church blush. 

Branded a 'slut', five weeks after my 16th birthday, I was on my own. It was made clear I no longer had a place in my family home. 


The next 10 years were an unfolding exercise in self-harm. I was convinced I was unlovable. I believed I was a threat to everyone around me. I felt the best thing I could achieve was to self-destruct. Preferably in pain. 

It was the feminists I met and read along the way that convinced me to stay alive.  

Not only have I survived, I have thrived. I have 3 university degrees, a great career, an art profile, financial independence, well-adjusted high achieving children, amazing relationships, and a lifetime of community and creativity.  I have developed values and ethics that hold me through the tests of times. They act as ballast when things get tough. 

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