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Yoni – a Feministo


The word ‘yoni’ is one of the few words referring to female genitals that has not been misappropriated. The yoni has been used as an insult and to convey disrespect for too long.

Some women are using the yoni as a symbol for reclaiming their bodies and becoming mistresses of their own sexuality. The yoni has become a movement.

The yoni movement yet to be properly surveyed and explored. A documentary film is the correct point of view from which to give each yoni operative a voice.

What is a Yoni?


Common parlance uses the inaccurate words ’vagina’ or ‘vulva’, which each only describe a part of the entire zone. ‘Yoni’ is accurate, gracious, inoffensive and beautiful.

While the abuses and misuses of female sexuality are claiming their part of the record every day, we see the yoni movement as providing a positive direction in which we take charge of our narrative.

The yoni has become a metaphor for the reclamation and re-appropriation of feminine sexuality.  

What is a feministo?


We have coined the term ‘feministo’ as a counterpoint to the term ‘manifesto’. This is to situate the movement where it belongs. It is revolutionary and liberationist. It is a statement of power. It positions that power from multiple perspectives. The eyes and voices of powerful women.

Why are we producing this film?


In the great tradition of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, this film gives women a voice. The voice is from their experience as owners, and operators, of yonis. This film features visual artist, poets, academics, and comediennes. They are all giving voice to her stories.

We are supporting and encouraging the many women who are taking up leadership in the area of sexuality. They are role-models for others to release the burden of shame that has been placed on them. They are a diverse, intelligent, and funny, cohort of the human experience. They deserve their own documentary. There is no doubt this area has the potential for great TV.

What is the film about?


This film is predominantly about women, and their rise to a positive and self-affirming sexuality. We explore their endlessly creative and amazing approaches to facilitate this. We focus on the practitioners who are using information that is evidence-based and has artistic credibility in the wider lexicon.

The film is informative, entertaining, educational, edgy, and sexy. The filmmakers explore a fascinating sub-culture that is rapidly gaining traction in the mainstream media.

By making this film as feminists, we are taking charge of the narrative.

All aspects of the Yoni are explored and celebrated: from personal stories, correcting misinformation; dance, poetry and music and intimate disclosures.



We are filming poets, performance artists, researchers, dominatrices, tantrikas, orgasmic meditators, feminists, painters. Pretty much anyone who’s projects are yoni-centric.

We will be featuring them talking about their projects. More than that, the film will showcase the projects, creating a montage of yonic expressions, interspersed with personal story and useful information.

© Keira Minter/Martin Guinness

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