feminist artist & filmmaker

I hold the belief that women who are creative, sexual, and in possession of an independent brain, are leaders. They will take us to the next level of evolution. 

We are not realising our emerging eldership unhindered. Everywhere I look, I see incredible women under attack. When a woman has the temerity to exist in the public eye, unowned and uncensored, she is subject to debasement. Death threats, trolling, partner violence, coercive control, parental alienation and bullying are the air many of us breathe. The patriarchy does not love us, sisters. Despite this, we are surviving and living to tell our stories. 

I started working with the symbol of the Yoni in the mid-1980s. I began to realise the power of connecting with my body, and my sexuality, and using this power to create art that could transform fear and anxiety into love and acceptance. 

I look forward to sharing my projects with you. 

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In the great tradition of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, this film gives women a voice. The voice is from their experience as owners, and operators, of yonis.


This film features visual artist, poets, academics, and comediennes. They are all giving voice to her stories.

We are supporting and encouraging the many women who are taking up leadership in the area of sexuality. They are role-models for others to release the burden of shame that has been placed on them. They are a diverse, intelligent, and funny, cohort of the human experience. They deserve their own documentary. 

Keira Scuro is co-producing and co-directing this film with award-winning filmmaker Martin Guinness. Please visit his website for details of his films. 


This book is an invitation to use the Yondala as an aid on the sacred journey of re-connecting, both with ourselves and our worlds. When used properly, Yondalas are a medium through which to communicate with ourselves. It has been wisely observed that all we need to know is hidden deep inside us. It is time for us to begin to remember what the Yoni knows.


When aligned with ourselves, we begin to move in new ways. Although we may look the same as we travel inside a world blinded by the fear and suffering that comes with mass disconnection from self, we will, in fact, be completely different. Connected to ourselves and the drive towards creation, we draw our lives completely new, doubting ourselves no longer. We relax and re-body, and from this place we live as we have yearned for millennia, in love and harmony with ourselves, our sisters and brothers, and our Earth. We visit Paradise for a moment, and again, until we are there.



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